Robots Get “Butter” Driving Skills

Nvidia boasts in the Sacramento Bee of a truck that was able to drive a load of butter across America …the first coast-to-coast commercial freight trip made by a self-driving truck, according to the company’s press release. announced on Tuesday that its truck traveled from Tulare, California, to Quakertown carrying over 40,000 pounds of … Continue reading Robots Get “Butter” Driving Skills

US Senate to consider Data-Breach Bill

Just before the 2005 Thanksgiving holiday the Senate Judiciary Panel approved a Personal Data Privacy and Security Act, authored by Specter and Leahy. The soon-to-be-called “Specter-Leahy Act”, also known as the SLA, has some exceptionally vague language even compared to laws (already in effect) at the state level: Giving individuals access to, and the opportunity … Continue reading US Senate to consider Data-Breach Bill