Diesel wins Le Mans race for fifth straight year

The first year of the LMP1 class win was a wonderful story, the second year a “told you so”…the third year was “anyone still doubt the future of diesel“…and now the news is almost not news anymore. Diesel engines should be the future of mobile power-plant technology in 2010 the way PCs were the future of computing in the 1980s. USA Today reports that Audi continues to leave gasoline in its dust:

Audi and Peugeot completed a record of more than 3,200 miles around Circuit de la Sarthe in France, a trip which 55 cars began but only 20 finished. The lead Audi and Peugeot, both diesel-powered LMP1 prototypes, were never separated by more than a lap, thrilling a record 258,000 fans.

The top cars are diesel. Way to go Audi R10 TDI!

It is a 5.5 L (335.6 cu in) all-aluminium twin-turbo 90° V12 engine, with common rail direct fuel injection of more than 1600 bar (23,206 psi). Its output should be 485 kilowatts (650 hp) (regulated) and 1,100 N·m (811 ft·lbf) of torque, and its usable power band is between 3000 and 5000 rpm. Its benefits are a broad range of usable power, high torque and economy.

Two Garrett TR3076R turbochargers limited by the regulations to 2.94 bar (42.64 psi) absolute breathe through two 39.9 millimetres (1.57 in) intake air restrictors. It uses the latest Bosch Motronic (MS14) management, provided by Bosch Motorsport, 1600 bar piezo injectors, and makes a low noise for a race car. It can be difficult to hear the R10 on a track when other cars are present because of the much lower noise level.

Economy and silence in a super-power diesel race car! Amazing stuff. This is not your grandmother’s diesel.

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