U.S. Navy Supercomputers Predict Weather Threats

Calm waters mean greater chance of attack, as I mentioned recently, so weather forecasts can give a major advantage. CNet reports on the latest technology:

[The Fleet Numerical Meteorology & Oceanography Center] benefits from its immediate proximity to weather and supercomputing experts at the Naval Research Laboratory, the National Weather Service, and the Naval Postgraduate School, all of which are in Monterey. That allows Fleet Numerical’s team of just 13 officers, 13 enlisted, and 128 civilians to do a job that the National Weather Service’s own forecasting center needs at least three times the resources to do, while the U.S. Air Force’s needs twice as much, Sauer explained.


Fleet Numerical’s most powerful supercomputer is a Dell Linux cluster system known as A2 Emerald with 27.3 peak teraflops. But that runs the center’s unclassified global modeling, which brings in giant amounts of data from countries all around the world. Its classified and Top Secret computers are smaller, and are geared towards much finer resolution regional and local modeling.

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