Computer user creates giant budget shortfall in Indiana

The AP reports that an Indiana IT department has been involved in some curious data integrity issues:

A house erroneously valued at $400 million is being blamed for budget shortfalls and possible layoffs in municipalities and school districts in northwest Indiana. […] Lippens said the user probably tried to access a real estate record display by pressing R-E-D, but accidentally typed R-E-R, which brought up an assessment program written in 1995. The program is no longer in use, and technology officials did not know it could be accessed.

Humans apparently thought the jump from $1,500 in property taxes to $8 million was a mistake, but the computer accepted it…was the input malicious, mischevious, or was it even a user?

I also wonder if this could be a case where people knew the money was not theirs but they said nothing in the hope that somehow they could keep the windfall?

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