“Lean In — That Shit Doesn’t Work”

Michelle Obama, who obviously speaks truth to power, doesn’t believe at all in the “Lean In” concept. The title of this post comes from her being quoted in a new Wired story about the aristocratic methods of Facebook’s COO (referred to as an empress).

Wired points out how “Lean in” instead soon may be more known as some sick “shit”, fast becoming the “Let them eat cake” of our times.

Last ditch attempt to avoid charges of aiding the enemy and inciting civil war

Aiding the enemy and inciting civil war are quite literally the same things that the French Aristocracy and Facebook’s executives have been accused of…am I right?

The Wired piece is an excellent dive into the how and why Facebook leadership worked to hack people into bits they could profit from; a form of human exploitation and mining of assets.

The “chiefs” overseeing Facebook’s industrial-scale hacking of humans took on such aristocratic airs, there’s probably a book to be written about what that looked like in terms of mental health. They arguably have gone mad in their race for wealth accumulation.

Some of my neighbors in San Francisco literally lost their grip on reality by working one day a week in Facebook’s human exploitation mills, amassing piles of cash to spend on luxury goods and cake-filled offices and homes of isolationism.

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