Fish Tanks: Defense in Depth for COVID19?

A third-grade teacher in Illinois discusses marine ecology with his students using a tank designed to be an instructional tool. Source: reef2rainforest

A buried lede in a Wired article caught my attention:

The majority of schools in the area reported higher-than-average student absenteeism due to flu symptoms. Only one school didn’t: The one with the fish tanks. “It really stood out”…

Keeping fish tanks gives new meaning to “defense in depth”.

…it’s important not to think of humidification as any sort of magical fix. You still have to wear a mask and wash your hands and stay socially distant and avoid crowded indoor spaces. “Any one of those alone is not enough,” he says. “But each one is like a card that you’re putting into a deck to stack the odds in your favor.”

I’m also reminded of an old post I wrote in 2006 called “Bluegills enlisted in the war on terror(able water)

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