Forensics on America’s “Patriot” platform crash

Nobody cares about sailing but if you’re nobody… I’m happy to explain exactly why “Patriot” is a great metaphor for American extreme-right politics:

Winless and when it starts to get ahead it self-destructs from easily predictable yet careless abuse of power. Did you know “Patriot” platform was a thing?

Now here is a video with some great detail on America’s “Patriot” platform crash disaster.

And here is the aftermath captured by photographers on the scene, just before it started to take on water and sink…

Credit: Fiona Goodall/Getty Images / Getty Images

Nautical forensics notables:

1) Americans are flying Airbus. I feel like I just have to say that because in the video it’s a very prominent sponsor sign. This is basically a plane turned sideways with one wing-set in the air and one wing-set below water (different medium density explains the size difference)

2) British Olympic champion “Goody” Goodison warns American Barker he sees unsafe pressure levels so slower transition (more room for error) recommended, overruled by Barker.

3) The leward backstay/runner sticks, pins the square-top main and in high gust launches the boat to 50 mph then flips it sideways and drops on its fragile side

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