The Difference Between Apple and Facebook

People arguing that Facebook has a point (in suing Apple) are just more evidence of the problem in America. It’s like someone at Facebook packaged logical fallacies into bright colored candy and we all know how Americans do love their sugar.

Stop saying slippery slope. it’s a fallacy
Stop using tu quoque. it’s a fallacy
Stop the no true Scotsman. it’s a fallacy

A genocidal anti-democratic digital slavery plantation of Facebook that regularly peddles lies to escape regulation, is NOT directly comparable to any company that wants your business a little too much.

These are two very very very different companies. I have bashed on Apple flaws and crimes for over a decade now (don’t own a single product) but there is no way in hell I would distract attention to them from Facebook. It’s like saying General Lee might be the worst man on the planet (terrible general, terrible human who enslaves people) but have you looked at whether a company selling guns to the Union army is too dominant?

Come on. Americans need to get a clue here.

(And if in any logical debate you bring up “pigs love mud” I’m going to have to point you to classes on selective hearing flaws and why that phrase means the opposite of what you think).

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