How Ayn Rand’s Philosophy Inspired Assassination of JFK

Here’s how I’d paraphrase a comment in the new documentary film on Americans who refused to believe in morality, and struck out violently to prove they only can be self-judged:

…reading Ayn Rand meant we were extremely anti-JFK, saw him as our arch-villain. US Marine Lee Harvey Oswald was going to be the hero of my novel when he became ‘disenchanted’ with the US, defected to the USSR, then jumped up and shot the President. It was very weird…

What’s missing is the actual connection from this guy looking for notoriety, in his admittedly otherwise empty search for meaning of life, to an event that meant a lot to everyone.

We know Thornley was stationed with Oswald in Japan, but not whether a connection to Rand was established by Oswald or projected upon him by Thornley.

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