What better serves the cause of national security?

Common Sense Budget Act sponsor Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) had some interesting things to say about government spending and security:

What better serves the cause of national security? Investment in first responders, energy independence and global nutrition … or billions that we’re still pouring into the F-22A Raptor, which was designed to outpace Soviet fighter jets?

Dr. Lawrence J. Korb, former Assistant Secretary of Defense to Ronald Reagan for Manpower, Installations, and Logistics, gave more detail on the proposal in a report titled “A Realistic Defense for America”:

Without diminishing America’s ability to fight extremists, American can save $60 billion by eliminating Cold War-era weapons systems and programs designed to thwart the former Soviet Union – weapons and programs that are not useful in defending our country from extremists or the other threats we now face.

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