New Yorker Cartoon Idea: Bank Robber Futurist

Every so often I have an image of a New Yorker cartoon pop into my mind. If I had the time to draw, this is one I would have sketched after breakfast today:

A robber leaving the vault with pockets stuffed with cash says on the way out, past police pointing guns at him, “This is the future, I’m reinventing banking”.

This cartoon in fact has many applications, not just fraudulent futurism.

Far too many times I’ve had people try to tell me that relativism makes it impossible to criticize crimes in the past.

Washington intentionally violated laws of his day that abolished slavery, other men in that day set all their slaves free, and slaves in America already for over a hundred years prior had proven abolition sensible… yet far too many Americans ignore all these simple facts while peddling how Washington’s own views of his crimes are all that should matter then or now.

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