Why Would Vietnam War POW Jump From a Helicopter to Her Death?

Since the secrecy requirements of the American soliders of the Vietnam War have expired, new exposure is emerging with stories like this one:

[Military Assistance Command Vietnam-Studies and Observations] encouraged and incentivized prisoner snatching… There were no overarching standard-operating procedures… SOG commandos inspected their prisoner more closely, only to find that it was a woman. In their moment of surprise, the prisoner escaped, jumping from the helicopter to her death.

Why would this POW, aside from lack of standard-operating procedures, jump out of a helicopter to certain death? What exactly does “more closely” mean in terms of inspection being done during a helicopter ride after capture? Such stories deserve more thorough investigation.

More details are in a U.S. Army “The Indigenous Approach” podcast called “MACV-SOG: A Conversation with John Stryker Meyer” ( Part I )( Part II )

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