Mapping Genocide in California

A while ago I wrote about Stanford’s role in genocide, as well as Polk.

The California Historical Society has a webinar coming up on November 30th with more details: “Truth & Resistance: Mapping American Indian Genocide in San Francisco”

The American Indian Cultural District (AICD) in San Francisco is undertaking a project called Mapping Genocide to examine the intentional erasure of American Indian history and contributions. AICD’s Co-founder and Executive Director Sharaya Souza (Taos Pueblo, Ute, Kiowa) and Director of Community Development & Partnerships Paloma Flores (Pit River, Purhepecha) will discuss some of the individuals San Francisco has chosen to honor and their role in American Indian genocide. The panelists will also talk about how you can help create resistance against the systemic erasure of American Indian history throughout San Francisco.

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