Air Force overcomes “Tyranny of distance in Africa” to rescue mariner

Here’s a heart-warming (no pun intended) rescue story from a ship en route (Durban to Djibouti) on the Indian Ocean.

…urgent request for aid Saturday on behalf of U.K. mariner Kevin Nixon, who was experiencing symptoms of a heart attack while onboard U.S. cargo ship Liberty Grace.

Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa then deployed the five Air Force PJs aboard MV-22B Ospreys to rappel down to the ship and stabilize the patient.

Because the ship was 500 nautical miles east of Kenya in the Indian Ocean, a Marine Corps KC-130 tanker also had to provide aerial refueling for the Ospreys…

Quite a change since the 1980 Operation Eagle Claw outcome, foundational to the Osprey development and this rapid deployment force model from the Horn of Africa.

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