Car bomb in Arkansas

Not much news yet on what exactly has happened, other than a car bomb has exploded in Arkansas

A car bomb explosion critically injured the head of the Arkansas State Medical Board on Wednesday, detonating in his driveway as he was leaving for work, authorities said.

The state will certainly be on high alert, especially to protect others affiliated with the medical board. I wonder if other states will also go on alert or if the DHS threat level meter will move.

Update 2010: Another doctor in Arkansas possessing a “legally owned” grenade launcher was convicted for the bombing, related to his anger about medical board disciplinary measures.

Authorities said Mann was interviewed by federal agents on the day of the bombing and showed them “at least one grenade launcher he legally owned.” However, he was not arrested until a month later, when city employees found partially buried “high explosive rounds designed to be fired from a grenade launcher” in a wooded area of London, Arkansas, authorities said.

Jurors convicted Mann of possession of 98 unregistered grenades and two counts of possessing machine guns, but acquitted him of possessing an unregistered 12-gauge shotgun. Sangeeta Mann was acquitted of lying to a grand jury investigating the unregistered firearms.

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