Kiss of Death: Florida Governor Blocks Healthcare for Children

Florida’s Governor is running with scissors in opposition to science.

The Florida Department of Health said Wednesday that it has not pre-ordered COVID vaccines for children under 5 because it does not recommend the shot for all children. Why it matters: Every other state has pre-ordered vaccine supply for the age group…

Florida has also recommended that healthy children ages 5-17 not get vaccinated against COVID in direct contradiction to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which recommends the Pfizer vaccine for the age group.

This Governor is clearly evil. There’s no better way to describe such abject dismissal of life and his abortion of children.

“I would say we are affirmatively against the COVID vaccine for young kids,” DeSantis said. “These are the people who have zero risk of getting anything,” he said…

Affirmatively against. He means blocking a young kids right to life.

Zero risk? Such twisted propaganda, basically an obvious lie as children die.

Data collected by the CDC up to June 2022 and no secret (viewed 1.74M times) shows hundreds of dead children across America.

0-4 years — 442 dead
5-18 years — 815 dead

That’s very much NOT ZERO risk.

Someone should put 1,000 baby coffins on DeSantis’ lawn and ask him if he can say ZERO risk while looking at all the innocent and preventable lives lost.

Source: “Project places 1,000 wreaths on the graves of 1,000…”

Imagine DeSantis standing over the graves of 1,000 American soldiers and trying to promote a theory that they faced zero risks, their lives didn’t matter because they were young.

More to the point, even though DeSantis has been repeatedly documented as racist, when it comes to these children his disrespect isn’t even based on race. Here are the largest numbers in the 0-4 year old group:

Hispanic — 123 dead
Non-Hispanic Black — 117 dead
Non-Hispanic White — 160 dead

Scientists since March of 2022 have been explaining very clearly that these numbers of dead children will continue go up and could accelerate without vaccination — the safest and most effective prevention.

As many as 20% of all child deaths from Covid in the US have occurred during the Omicron surge of the pandemic. […] “We saw a massive surge of hospitalized young children during Omicron that we didn’t see in the earlier months of the pandemic,” said Jason Kane, a pediatric intensivist and associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Chicago Comer children’s hospital. […] The under-five age group saw record-high hospitalizations over the past few months. Omicron hospitalization rates for kids under the age of five soared five times higher at Omicron’s peak than during the Delta wave, according to recent CDC research and data tables.

Governor DeSantis knows children in Florida are dying faster than ever before as he sits on one of the most alarming statistics.

Florida’s COVID-19 response took a hit this week as the number of COVID-related child deaths in Florida more than doubled in just over a month, according to data from the Florida Department of Health.

The actual stories from parents are heart-wrenching.

…family is trying to process how their 10-year-old daughter went from being perfectly healthy to dying in five days from Covid-19. […] “They did her chest X-ray and when they came back, they said that there was no signs of Covid pneumonia, her lungs were perfect, beautiful. They didn’t seem concerned,” Nicole said. So they went home and Teresa continued to quarantine.

Within 24 hours, she stopped breathing and was rushed to a local hospital and ultimately transferred to Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters (CHKD) Norfolk where she died.

It’s so hard to read this kind of news. Like reading about children dying in car crashes who weren’t wearing a seat-belt or in a car-seat… if only Teresa could have gotten the vaccine.

CDC study shows that child passenger deaths have decreased 43 percent from 2002 – 2011

We know the solution. We know the deaths are easily preventable.

Any Governor who says children have zero risk of dying in car accidents should be impeached, and I feel the same when they very fraudulently say children have zero risk of dying from a virus.

No more premature deaths should be the goal of good government, and it’s easy to see how removing DeSantis from office could save a lot of lives.

“I don’t think he cares about his family. He let Casey DeSantis all over the place without a mask during chemotherapy. I don’t think he cares about his daughters. He’s heartless,” said [Florida Senator] Polsky.

What is it about these elitists from Harvard law?

…by defying the best science we have in the face of a lethal pandemic, DeSantis is also one of the most dangerous people in our country today. […] Both Harvard and Yale should rebuke him.

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