Twitter Now a Honeypot For Law Enforcement

A brilliant essay out of MIT suggests Twitter management is turning itself into a willing promoter of violent hate crimes.

…lives will get worse as Musk empties out the Twitter equivalent of the Phantom Zone, allowing vicious, bigoted, and even violent harassers, Nazis, and white supremacists to return.

It’s similar to what I was warning regulators back in April, except now there’s hard data to prove my prediction true.

That is to say, if you’re planning to be active on Twitter now it’s like moving to South Africa to do business after you hear apartheid leaders promote hate for profit.

That’s not really a hypothetical. The Twitter CEO’s childhood was in South Africa and he has no record of anti-racism. He moved to America where he found Harvard had been graduating students like Kansas’ Kris Kobach with obnoxiously false papers about apartheid being good for business (hate speech impossible by then to peddle within South Africa).

Does any reasonable person really want to join in such plans of ill gotten gains when they are so obviously immoral and short sighted (e.g. every lesson in history)?

The Phantom Zone honeypot is a good framing for what Twitter already has become. The CEO markets it as his vision of toxic white masculinity playpen for profit; hateful barbaric cartoon characters are in a clown-like rush to attack and censor any voices of reason or human rights.

Users thus deleting Twitter apps now achieve real freedom because they refuse to participate in such old known oppression tactics.

Leaving this Twitter platform has become a bold rejection of tyranny, a clear act of anti-racism. Better quality of life, far higher standard of living, is easily found elsewhere.

Nobody thus should want to be seen holding a now toxic, “marked” Twitter bag.

As Twitter management intentionally slides into profit from support of crimes against humanity, expect it to face nothing less than digital sanctions… a sad repeat of 1980s South Africa for those who didn’t learn the right lessons the last time.

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