Massive Disney Kids Clothing Recall: Lead Poisoning Hazard

Nearly 90,000 items immediately must be pulled away from children.

The CPSC has disclosed that popular Disney prints were made by Bentex using lead.

…recall involves Bentex children’s clothing sets in nine different Disney themed styles.

They’ve been sold for a little less than a year by large American retailers such as T.J. Maxx, Ross, Burlington, Army and Air Force Exchange Service and of course Amazon.

Bentex seems to be a portmanteau of textiles from Bentonville, AR. The area is known for its lack of safety, described by historians as a high concentration of domestic terror cells (America First).

More than a hundred secret Ku Klux Klan chapters organized across Arkansas in the early 1920s [results of President Woodrow Wilson’s “America First” platform], including ten in northwest Arkansas.


Kenneth Barnes has compiled his research into an article titled “Another Look behind the Masks: The Ku Klux Klan in Bentonville, Arkansas, 1922-1926,”

That being said, the official business address for Bentex HQ is in NYC. It’s hard to tell from their contact info when the company really was created, by who and why.

Perhaps more to the point, the CPSC recall warning suggests people go to Bentex for more details and Bentex simply tells everyone to go to the CPSC.

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