Neuralink Staff Warn It’s Rushed and Unsafe “Hackjob”

I’ve explained for years that Tesla’s unsafe rush to misrepresent tech has caused many unnecessary deaths.

SpaceX is known for using a toxic fraternal “rush” culture to engage in self-destructive ageism and sexism.

Twitter obviously now is in a similar spiral of chaos and abuse of its staff.

So why wouldn’t Neuralink news be the same?

Current and former employees blame mishaps and abuse on pressure from Musk to go faster. […] Allegations ranged from sloppy research that led to euthanizing more animals than necessary to “hack job” surgeries that led to needless pain and suffering…

Perhaps the best analysis I’ve read so far is this:

…all Neuralink has to show for its efforts are a bunch of dead monkeys and two Elon children with a director.

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