Public Groups Identify Tesla Terrorist After Unexplained Police Delay

A data sharing initiative using a social media platform has identified the Tesla driver implicated in several years of violent attacks in Los Angeles.

…Eyewitness News videos [were published by a Tiktok user and] three people came forward with the suspect’s name, which he passed along to police. Local law enforcement believe they have identified the man, but an arrest has not been made yet. One of the suspect’s attacks included punching a woman in the face and leaving her with a black eye in October 2021.

Given that his Tesla, blatantly and illegally hiding its license plate, is easily tracked with date and time to exact locations where he targeted victims… it will be interesting to hear why police have delayed so long and allowed crimes to continue.

It has begun to look like a domestic terrorism case. Widespread sharing of the suspect’s identity fortunately may lessen his ability to freely victimize targets, despite lack of police protection.

Update Jan 31: police now say he has a violent criminal record across the entire US for decades, and apparently no job or home just a Tesla full of drugs and cash.

In other words… he has been caught now after mass public outcry. A domestic terrorist targeting women, dealing drugs, causing widespread harms ignored by law enforcement?

What could possibly be more on brand for Tesla?

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