Phantom Auto Plows the Future of Cyber War

Forbes has a very nice feel-good story about augmentation technology developed by Phantom Auto.

It gives three examples of people with different abilities than industrial-age (World War I) physical labor requirements.

…the latest research on WWI based on documentary evidence suggests that British troops sometimes reported that being sent into outdoor killing fields was an improvement over being drafted into the slow, agonizing programmed death of the class-enforced loneliness and toxicity from indoor factory work.

The three allegedly have found gainful work using remote drones to help do the miserable physical work. Remote connection is icing on the cake, as it’s really about virtualization that augments and expands a driver’s logical capacity.

As one of the Forbes examples explained in their own words:

…being inside a vehicle is problematic and yet I still drive vehicles for a living which is amazing, ridiculous, but it works.

Driverless is dead, because so many people foolishly believing accelerationist fraud are now dead, whereas ethical augmented driving very much is in our immediate future.

More to the point, forklifts are barely vehicles. They “raise and lower” and might as well have bionic legs for uneven surfaces.

So we’re talking about robots controlled by people who need almost no physical requirements, like the liberationist wheelchair or bicycle evolved. It spells the end of large carriage (car) and cages designed to protect the humans doing high risk maneuvers.

Phantom Auto raises the spectre of an innocuous water tank engineering project of WWI. That humanitarian angle was literally the origin story of combat “tanks”.

Also we know for many years airborne military and intelligence drone operators have been using exactly the same principles as what Phantom Auto is now bringing to machines on the ground.

What’s most interesting in this story is therefore how Forbes (and presumably the Israeli military intelligence PR wing feeding them) quietly frame future warfare systems as good moves for the differently abled (an asymetric strategy that evaporates massive human physical requirements for conflicts).

Woke tech is where any competent military will be headed, leaving waves of toxic masculinity dead in their trenches.

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