FBI Announces Arrest of Nazis Attempting to Destroy Baltimore

There are limits to the first and second Amendments in America, apparently.

A plot right out of the 1916 America First playbook (e.g. Preparedness Day bombing of SF) has been foiled by FBI arrests.

Here are some of the many important details to this new story, as documented by Heavy.

According to the criminal complaint, Russell was using the name “Homunculus” on an encrypted communication app in June 2022 and began talking with an FBI informant. He “encouraged” the informant “to attack electrical substations,” and said sniper attacks could cause a “cascading failure,” the FBI said. He also encouraged the informant to “read a white supremacist publication that provided instructions to attack critical infrastructure”…

Encryption doesn’t do much good to hide speech from the FBI if you’re using it to speak with the FBI.

Also “homunculus“?

German 1916 6-part epic film series follows the exploits of the soulless supervillain Homunculus, a creature created by science, as he wows to find love or destroy humanity. Robert Reinert’s multi-layered script draws on Frankenstein and Faust, as well as Freud, Nietzsche and Marx to create both a treatise on the human condition as well as a comment on WWI. …in repeated fashion Homunculus finds a woman whom he tries to love, but ends up driving her to kill herself, kills her family or is rejected and hunted…

That’s another America First 1916 reference.

Nazism really is rooted in the perverse hateful visions of men like Woodrow Wilson and Henry Ford. Hitler just followed their lead, which few Americans seem ready to admit.

I’m not surprised these white supremacists think their absolute right to own guns today translates directly into license to destroy critical infrastructure like it’s 1916 or the Red Summer again.

Promoting the KKK as “America First” while violently destroying black prosperity, President Wilson’s race war inspired Adolf Hitler in Germany.


Homunculus also stated that the ‘goal is for when most people are using max electricity’ and that ‘follow on [attacks] could lead to cascading failure costing billions of dollars.’

Max suffering? Guns are usually treated by white supremacists as their easiest force multiplier for domestic terrorism, right behind lighting fires. It’s the old Missouri Quantrill mindset, which did in fact start the Civil War. Heavy:

Clendaniel, using the name Nythra88 on an app, began talking to the same informant in January 2023, the FBI said in the criminal complaint, after Russell told the informant to work with her.

User name of 88? That’s plain Nazi signaling. Might as well name yourself Hitler.

She also used the account “kali1889”, named for Hitler’s birth year. Not subtle. It’s like someone wants to flaunt their intent to commit crimes.


Now that’s different. Nythra signals modern seditious conspirator in an American militant “accelerationist” hate cult trying to start race war.

…user Nythra claimed to attended Hate Camps in Death Valley and Washington State. Nythra also participated in a conversation that discussed raping and beheading a woman. The court also heard a portion of the phone call in which he tells his mother that the Garza County deputies, whom he referred to as pigs, were lucky that they caught him off guard or he would have shot them.

White supremacists want to target and control energy. They lust for power. This particular cult even named itself after nuclear energy.

Now back to the point about the FBI using someone’s speech to take away their guns. When I mean someone, I mean a person clearly unwilling to be anti-racist.

Free speech extremist (Twitter).

Free speed extremist (Tesla).

Accelerationists. It’s literally what they call themselves when they hate people.

0-60 in 2 seconds was made to kill how many?

Source: tesladeaths.com

Get it?

Elon Musk certainly does. Heavy:

Prosecutors wrote, “The fact that Russell lied about going to see his father and was found in Key Largo (at a restaurant and not his final destination), with long rifles and ammunition that he purchased less than 24 hours after being interviewed by the FBI, camouflage gear, and a skull mask, shows the character of someone prepared to follow-through with his violent ideology when called to arms.”

Serial liars, all of them.

Although Elon Musk tends to pretend that being rich somehow makes his lies different. Call it instead openly opposing science and safety regulation to create a state of permanent improvisation — as if nobody reads history.

Consider how a petty and jealous CEO says his workers must be loyal only to him and sacrifice all their family, sleep, feelings.

I wonder what would have happened in this case if mental health services had been more easily available than guns.

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