Putin’s Dropped Trousers Expose His Hitler Pants

Historian after historian knows and tries to relate the same basic story.

Putin’s job in East Germany for the KGB was to recreate Nazi cells in West Germany during the Cold War. He literally served Russia by surreptitiously growing far-right violent “sports clubs” after WWII, as if he saw breathing new life into Nazism as his preferred path to power.

If you derive Putin was a big fan of Nazism the evidence certainly agrees, even despite the fact West Germany continually blocked his fantasy.

Keep this in mind every time Putin tries to tell his worn out and false story that a target country is full of Nazis and needs liberation. He pulls this same tired thread so often everyone by now should be comfortable admitting the emperor’s trousers are gone.

What he really stands for, his ugly pants increasingly flapping in the cold breeze, is to breed Nazism and corruption in foreign nations as a step towards weakening and exploiting/annexing them.

When Putin says “I see Nazis” you can confidently reply “yeah, yours, now get out of here and take them with you”.

Here’s yet another damning example written about how Putin still gooses his steps onto the wrong side of history:

…Adolf Hitler, in his first move of conquest, annexed Austria in March 1938, claiming it as a historical part of the German Reich, and then held a plebiscite in which 99.75 percent of Austrians officially voted to join Germany. Putin’s first move in this war was to annex Crimea in March 2014, claiming it as a historical part of the Russian Empire, and then hold a plebiscite in which 97 percent of Crimeans officially voted to join Russia.

That writer goes on to suggest, absolutely on target, that Germany sending tanks to Ukraine today is an opportunity to correct its past. German tanks will be used in defense against agression, ridding a country of Putin’s Nazi dreams.

Think about it like how General Ludwig Beck, head of the German Army, wanted to forcibly remove Hitler from power by 1938. He resigned his post and instead became the center of German military resistance to Hitler.

Imagine if Beck’s vision for German armor had done back then to Nazism what it can do today.

To drive this point home Ukraine could rename its German tanks the Beck, like how Churchill named the influx of American tanks after Grant and Sherman. Even better perhaps would be to name the tanks after the Widerstand.

…‘moral capital refers to individual conduct’, and hence, the Widerstand has rightly been called a ‘rebellion of the conscience’.

Source: GDW Memorial

An American advocating for anti-corruption and moral capital perhaps put it best:

Take nothing less than the supreme best
Do not obey for most people say
’cause you can pass the test
So what we have to do is
move on up and keep on wishing
Remember your dream is your only scheme
so keep on pushing

Putin won’t invoke the Widerstand when he speaks, and that should tell you everything. The Germans now are rising to roll out an ignored chapter in their own military history, to restore honor to Germans who served against Nazism.

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