Texas Recruits Armed Vigilantes With Immunity From Prosecution

Anyone in the world looking to cause some real harm to society, look no further than Texas.

The state is proposing a return to immunity from prosecution for anyone who signs up to commit crimes against humanity.

In 2021 a National Book Award went to a poet who described this Texas concept as…

…vigilantes hooded like blind angels, hunting with torches for men the color of night…

More to the point, this poet was reflecting how Texas implemented this under Woodrow Wilson’s nativist, xenophobic, genocidal platform called “America First“.

Dousing groups of Mexicans with kerosene and then burning them was also a topic of discussion for Americans on March 10, 1916 after the Battle of Columbus. Over 60 dead men were piled together, their bodies incinerated. Keep in mind this all was in the context of Americans a year earlier calling for the “extermination” of non-whites, which led to killing thousands of Americans who were of Mexican descent.

Let’s be honest.

Texas pioneered the kind of unaccountable racist vigilantism that Nazi Germany studied and applied in Europe.

Unlike Germany, however, America has never been held accountable and Texas is front and center in that issue. Hitler named his personal train “Amerika” (to honor genocide), and we can only wonder why he didn’t specify Texas.

Imagine someone in Germany proposing a bill to bring Nazi practices back. Impossible. In Texas, however, it’s hard to imagine someone NOT proposing a return to its worst chapters in history.

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