Red States Have the Highest Murder Rates

Hey, that rhymes!

The data is pretty clear. American states known as “Red” (because secretly Communist…hehe I’m just kidding, but not really) seem to have the highest numbers of people dead. Rhymed again.

The murder rates in Trump-voting states from 2020 have exceeded those in Biden-voting states every year since 2000, according to a new analysis by ThirdWay, a center-left think tank. Republicans have built their party on being the crime-fighting candidates, even as murder rates in red states have outpaced blue states by an average of 23% over the past two decades.

That’s a huge difference.

Source: Axios

Every state has murders, every state has distribution of murders across population density (urban/rural), yet states running “Republican Red” seem to be the worst at providing safety to citizens.

Is it any wonder why?

Here’s a recent case example from San Francisco. A wealthy white man who allegedly was involved with his friend’s sister’s drugs… was murdered by his friend in a cold premeditated knife attack.

As soon as this story broke, many political commentators jumped onto a totally tired and false narrative that the “urban” areas are unsafe (implying SF is dangerous because of non-white people on the streets).

The fear of crime often gets presented as a response to numbers—murder rates, numbers of robberies, carjackings, and assaults—but it’s primarily an anecdotal phenomenon that very often runs counter to what all the metrics would suggest.

I say tired because “urban decay” is an old racist meme. It’s common for bored white American ladies in their later years to sit around and gossip about their “fear” of living in a city (e.g. around “poor people”, which they say to mean non-whites).

Source: The GRIOT, Volume 6, Issue 3, Summer 2003

These “poison squads” feign being “scared” all the way to today, like they haven’t stopped believing in a giant 1915 disinformation campaign of President Woodrow Wilson. He set “America First” as the platform to resurrect the KKK — fomenting a 1919 “Red Summer” pattern of white-on-black violence. If only more people recognized this old KKK violent racist pattern in the modern day Red state propaganda and policies on crime.

Red means dead (magazine loaded, round chambered, chamber locked) when America is a gun.

It’s no secret that science, as well as most forms of independent thought from actual learning, gets discouraged in these Republican-led states full of preventable deaths. The Reds want votes from scared believers, and they very likely don’t really plan to reduce crimes that generate the fears they prey upon.

Of course murder rates aren’t going to improve where the people charged with addressing such issues are too biased to even look and listen, let alone process real data and symptoms, while they go around banging their fear drum.

Back to San Francisco, reporters interestingly emphasize how homicide rates have dramatically lowered over time.

Source: Mission Local

And further to that point, as I’ve written before here in terms of qualitative investigation data, there’s an organized crime and police corruption element to San Francisco with very non-random targeting.

Anyone jumping to conclusions about “random” crimes in SF, probably isn’t digging into the data.

So I’ll say it again for the white men of Silicon Valley and their whispering wives who have been recklessly spreading old tired racist disinformation memes about “safety in cities”.

Perhaps their ignorance, and obvious inability to read any violent-crime report, is to be expected of these pickled olives hiding inside the comfort of their martini glasses. However, today they are doing it very disrespectfully — on the death bed of a white man who was killed in a clearly premeditated murder by an acquaintence in tech — and doing it in contradiction to well known quantitative and qualitative data on crime.

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