Safety Expert Demands Recall of Every Tesla Ever Made

The petition makes a lot of sense. If you read between the lines, a transit safety expert proves again that Tesla really doesn’t know the basics about how to make a safe car.

In the petition, Lakafossis points out that it has been known since the 1980s that the Brake Transmission Shift Interlock (BTSI) feature reduces instances of sudden unintended acceleration in vehicles with automatic transmissions. The feature has also been required in new vehicles since 2010. “After proactively solving the problem of SUA accidents in the 1980s, today it seems that we are moving in the opposite direction, allowing a driver to select reverse gear while still driving forward without asking for a brake pedal application(!), actively encouraging drivers to enjoy ‘feet-off automatic braking and parking’,” Lakafossis says.

He has asked the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to recall all 1.6 million Tesla. Consideration of the ability to shift from drive to reverse without touching the brake pedal now sits along the Tesla recalls for steering wheels falling off, brakes not working, and seatbelt failures.

Has there ever been a worse car?

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