You are an Extraordinary Executive!

A friend sent me a link to a site called “The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers“. There is a quiz that says it can help you determine whether you are executive material.

This reminded me of an assessment I was offered many years ago during a reorganization. An officer of the company had told me I would find it very rewarding to spend time with his consultants and so, always open to new ideas and feedback, I sat down for a session or two to hear what they had to say. Surprisingly, they said “Davi, you have the mind to manage a multi-billion dollar company, so be careful what you say and how you say it to people. You see things naturally that many people try all their lives to achieve but few succeed.”

Well, ok, I thought to myself this was a very mixed blessing. After all, at the time there were no multi-billion dollar companies knocking on my door, and so the more pertinent message seemed to be to find a way to convey what I might see to others while still gaining their respect (e.g. help them find the right path, rather than zap them for straying too far). Whether or not I deserved a complimentary review, or whether the consultants had ulterior motives, I took to heart the fact that I might actually help people if I share my vision wisely. Sometimes a simple conversation or a silly quiz can help you shift your self-perception and objectives. Anyway, not to go on about these things, but the “Will your career be extraordinary” quiz gave me these results:

Your total score is: 75 points, Extraordinary Executive

You are an Extraordinary Executive!

Your answers place you in the exceptionally rare category of Extraordinary Executive. This implies that no matter where you are in your career, your thoughts and strategies for career management are consistent with the most satisfied, successful professionals we have studied. Given your high level of career knowledge, it is imperative that you use effective strategies to translate this knowledge into action to realize your full career potential.

Pattern 1 – Understand the Value of You
Pattern 1 Score: Successful Professional (68 points)

Pattern 2 – Practice Benevolent Leadership
Pattern 2 Score: Extraordinary Executive (75 points)

Pattern 3 – Overcome the Permission Paradox
Pattern 3 Score: Extraordinary Executive (87 points)

Pattern 4 – Differentiate Using the 20/80 Principle of Performance
Pattern 4 Score: Successful Professional (65 points)

Pattern 5 – Find the Right Fit (Strengths, Passions & People)
Pattern 5 Score: Extraordinary Executive (77 points)

After reading the explanations of each pattern, I feel like I could easily improve my score and game my way to 100. But I suppose that is part of the core message of the quiz: find a natural balance between level-of-effort and return in order to define reasonable success and regularly achieve it, and you could be top executive material. I know, it’s a just theory and a quiz, but it’s almost as fun and far more inspirational than “what kind of sportscar are you“. I mean who wants to find out that they would get 8-12 mpg if they were a car, even if there’s a pretty picture to look at? Was the point of the quiz to buy the book? I didn’t get that feeling.

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