“When you buy an Apple product you don’t expect it to be in a testing phase.”

Heavy shade thrown from someone inside the Apple culture on how others’ “fire, ready, aim” technology products fail to deliver.

When you buy an Apple product you don’t expect it to be in a testing phase. You expect a product of its highest quality and performance. This hardware development culture is also reflected in the software and service development culture at Apple.

I’ll never forget this one time when I was at a meeting with a product team from Apple TV, and someone said that we could do a release on the web and mobile platform, but we didn’t have the experience ready for TV. So the PM said “if we can’t launch the best experience across all our platforms now, we’re not launching it at all. If we need to wait another year to deliver the best experience for our customers, we’ll wait.”

I even got the chills! Never in my entire career have I heard a PM saying that we would delay the release to launch the best experience that people deserve to get.

Note that “people deserve” something in Apple terms. I like that.

It reminds me of the time I tried, and failed, to convince a friend working at Apple that they should stay instead of work for Uber. They went to Uber and got very, very rich while being a horrible person detached from morality or reality. And from there, as Uber fell apart, they went to work at Facebook, to get even more rich, being an even worse human.

Looking back it makes sense why they couldn’t stay at Apple. They didn’t care about anyone deserving anything, except themselves.

On that note, let’s just take a minute to recognize the extreme opposite from Apple. Tesla clearly believes people don’t deserve anything, which is why the poorly engineered and dangerously unprepared Tesla so often even takes their customer’s life away from them.

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