Nobody Can Figure Out How a Volcanic Island Got Its Continental Crust

Here’s a case still worth investigating, which was highlighted in 2019 before COVID shut everything down.

Anjouan stands alone — the only island in the world formed by volcanism that also contains an intact chunk of continent. “This is contrary to plate tectonics,” said Class. “Quartzite bodies do not belong on volcanic islands.”

I’m not saying this is why America just sent its top State officials to the Comoros, but they don’t go just anywhere.

Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources Richard Verma met in Moroni, Comoros, with Comorian President Azali Assoumani. Deputy Secretary Verma congratulated President Assoumani on his selection as Chair of the African Union. They discussed the growing bilateral relationship between Comoros and the United States, including ways the United States can partner to create a stronger and more prosperous Comoros, based on our mutual respect for democratic governance and commitment to uphold the rules-based international order.

Those quartzite bodies showing up on an island, they clearly are not following the rules. Do they have travel papers? We need answers.

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