Tesla Explodes Into Fireball Throwing Passengers and Killing One

It’s another example of Tesla eliminating the people who trust Tesla. The latest catastrophic Florida crash has killed one.

FHP said they learned from witnesses that a car was speeding in the northbound lane and lost control, striking the guardrail and overturning. Everyone in the vehicle was ejected. The crashed vehicle then became engulfed in flames, troopers added.

Normally being ejected is the worst possible thing in a crash. However with Tesla it might be better than getting trapped inside by defective designs and burned alive. Two passengers survived.

“A News 6 viewer explained that he went to the crashed vehicle to help rescue one of the occupants.” Source: News 6

Tesla allegedly has severe handling and braking problems, implicated in many sudden deadly veering and rolling incidents.

They have installed a lot of simple inexpensive battery power that would be useful if the world were only a straight flat line. It’s basically a sled, something any high schooler could design. Unfortunately for Tesla owners, they pay the highest price (their life) on the promise of performance, discovering the hard way Tesla has done little to none of the complex engineering necessary to keep them alive.

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