HK Tesla Crashes Into Stacked Pallets at 230AM

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over and over from Tesla’s “camera only learning” strategy of marketing snake oil as collision avoidance, in the real world it’s regularly unable to avoid crashing into trees, buildings, poles and other stationary objects.

A Hong Kong driver narrowly escaped being seriously injured after losing control of his Tesla car and crashing into about 10 stacked pallets near a wholesale fruit market in the early hours of Wednesday.

According to police, the accident took place at 2.19am near the Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market on Waterloo Road at the junction with Ferry Street.

Stacked pallets is a new one, admittedly. But it’s basically the same story. The 23 year old driver fell asleep and proved Tesla marketing false.

All Tesla owners are overdue for a refund.

…if he realized the company was not being honest with him about the car and return process upfront, he would not have purchased the Model X and would not have agreed to arbitration.

When that guy returned his brand new Model X he saw it go straight to the scrapyard, since junking tens of thousands of new cars keeps Wall Street happy about production numbers. And the craziest part is Tesla keeps billing him for it.

All Tesla owners are overdue for a full refund.

Tesla has been ordered to reimburse a Belgian man for his purchase of a faulty company vehicle worth €158,600. The man had been engaged in a legal battle with the American company for four years, claiming that his car – a Model S P100D electric vehicle – was plagued with serious problems. The Antwerp Court of Appeal found in his favour, confirming the existence of serious shortcomings in terms of the car’s driving comfort and safety.

Tesla owners seem to be the most vulnerable group of elitists I’ve ever studied in behavioral economics. They both hate their cars for being an overpriced low-quality unsafe disaster, yet love the whole idea of superiority that was sold to them: basically advanced fee fraud victims who can’t admit they’ve been robbed.

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