“Volumes Speak Volumes”: Crowds of Tesla Owners Call Their Car “Threat to Human Life”

Loud and clear. Tesla owners hate their car, like really, really hate it, because of simple design failures that constantly put them in harms way.

Dozens of Tesla drivers have filed similar complaints with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the federal agency responsible for safety, which can force recalls.

“That says to me that we need to look at this as a potential threat to human life,” said Hubele.

In July, a Tesla driver filed a complaint with NHTSA which said, “The car was completely dead with my dogs inside. I live in Palm Springs. It was 90 and sunny outside.”

Another driver on July 14 reported to NHTSA, “12v battery failed without warning. Car was parked. Was unresponsive.”

Last October, a Model 3 owner wrote in another complaint, “This is clearly a design flaw that should be corrected.”

“Volumes speak volumes,” Hubele said.

Without fraud there would be no Tesla. It’s increasingly a case where, in retrospect, we can see why Tesla should never have been authorized to operate on public roads.

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