CA Tesla in “Veered” Head-on Collision

Many more Tesla head-on collisions are being found in news archives, than previously noticed by researchers looking at the huge increase in deaths.

According to Deputy D. Zane of the Hesperia Sheriff’s Station, the Tesla driver was traveling northbound on Mariposa Road and the pick-up truck was traveling southbound when the crash occurred. A witness told officials that the driver of Tesla crossed over into southbound lanes…

It’s crashes such as these that need to be carefully collected when looking at the latest evidence of driverless failure.

…collision was reported about 4:19am in the traffic backup from the first crash just after Joshua Street onramp. The vehicles involved in this crash was a black Tesla SUV with major front-end damage and a semi pulling a set of pneumatic dry bulk cement tankers. Speed was a factor in this crash.

Instead of saying just speed, perhaps reporters should say software was a factor.

In related news, the Tesla PR department has started watering down and rebranding “full self driving” as “your fault driving” for only very specific “fairly near future” conditions.

Driving “around” a city instead of through… nothing to see here but lies. eXcrement Source: eXtwitter

Skepticism? We actually wonder why Bernie Madoff lacked skepticism. A lack of skepticism can be a warning sign, a serious danger to society.

I suspect anyone in the future looking back on Elon Musk will see an even worse degree of false confidence than most scammers. At least Madoff wasn’t raised by pro-Apartheid fascists (self-described anti-Semitic technocrats) and didn’t grow up to be just the same thing.

Nothing says this aloof spoiled Branch Davidian-acting billionaire cares about poverty and hunger, let alone stopping wars, than spending all his time instead at festivals driving in circles and then lying about it to sound like he knows something about “future” thinking.

People who were unfortunately fooled into buying a Tesla only realize the lies too late: “what do you mean our new car doesn’t work anymore after being in the rain, and you expect us to pay $20K because it got wet?”

Tesla is trying to claim the company didn’t plan for rain.

The fools literally didn’t predict rain for a car supposedly able to predict everything.

Skepticism is more than justified, and the more the better. How is Elon Musk not just another David Koresh?

This man who forcibly took over Tesla from engineers with his ill-gotten lottery money, just to undermine engineering ethics, and who turned it into a giant fraud, is still empty boasting: “the future, the future, believe me, I am partying hard in Texas festivals and ignoring reality, so believe me”.

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