Road to Happiness in America? Ditch Your Car

2023 QuietKat Lynx. Source: Vista Outdoor

Even in an age of working from home, riding an electric bike (motorcycle) to the office makes more sense than ever.

…biking to work wasn’t just not unpleasant—it was downright enjoyable. It made me feel happier and healthier; I arrived to work a little more buoyant for having spent the morning in fresh air rather than traffic. Study after study shows that people with longer car commutes are more likely to experience poor health outcomes and lower personal well-being—and that cyclists are the happiest commuters.

This article is just saying what bicycle riders have known for many decades. The question is when will the people confined in false comfort of solitary cages figure out that happiness comes inherently from being outside.

In May, I asked Will Toor, the executive director of the Colorado Energy Office, to explain the state’s rationale for a newly passed incentive that offers residents $450 to get an e-bike. He dutifully ticked through the environmental benefits and potential cost savings for low-income people. Then he surprised me: The legislation, he added, was also about “putting more joy into the world.”

It’s hard to overstate how true this is. People on bikes riding next to each other have a literal opposite mood to the “road rage” felt in cars that share spaces.

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