Court Rules Against Tesla in Door Safety Design Defect Case

The judge clearly wasn’t having any of the usual Tesla nonsense:

Court denies Tesla’s motion to dismiss the four California state law claims in Urban’s complaint…

The owner of a very expensive Tesla couldn’t get into it after the cheap handle design failed. More importantly he couldn’t open the door either. And Tesla allegedly replaced only one handle, at high cost to the owner, with the same design.


That’s what they literally named the car model with door handles designed to fail for profit.

Fail fatally, when you read all the tragedy surrounding Tesla complaints and lawsuits.

Witnesses saw the car come to a rest against the wall of the parking garage before bursting into flames, the complaint said.

McCarthy could be seen trying to escape the engulfed vehicle after the crash, according to the complaint. But car defects prevented him from getting out safely, the lawsuit alleges.

…”faulty door handles” trapped McCarthy in the vehicle after the crash, causing him to burn alive and inhale toxic gases.

McCarthy was a former FBI agent killed in 2016 in a “veered” collision into an Indianapolis tree. A trial is finally set to start in 2023. In the time since his tragic death it has become clear he was a canary for hundreds more who have been killed since.

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