CA Tesla Robot Suspected in Home Invasion

Police in San Mateo have a funny way with words.

The driver, said to be about 70 years old, somehow lost control as they were coming down a hill, San Mateo police Officer Jerami Surratt said. The car continued onto a driveway, went over the embankment and was sent flying over the backyard pool before landing halfway inside the house. “You don’t normally see a car flying through the air over a swimming pool into a house,” Surratt said. “That is kind of a new thing.”

Autopilot. That “new thing” is called the engineering catastrophe of Autopilot.

A car with the notable license plate of “Zhao 9” paid a premium to catastrophically fail and put lives in danger in a way nobody has before.

“I’ve lived here for almost 30 years and have had no cars flying into our backyard before”.

Just say Autopilot. Your local home invasion robot.

It’s just an uncontrollable deadly Tesla coming to do what it always does: fail at safety of all those unfortunate to be around it.

What’s in your neighborhood?

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