Japanese Unleash Giant Flying “Dragon” Firefighter Robot

Japanese scientists have just openly published their plans and prototypes to help the world build giant 4m long flying robot firefighters.

In this study, we developed a demonstration system for a remotely controllable 4 m flying firehose robot for demonstration at the World Robot Summit 2020 (WRS 2020) opening ceremony in Fukushima as a milestone. This paper focuses on the following issues: 1): installation of the remotely controllable mobile base, 2): redesign of the water channels (the sizes of nozzle outlets) to get enough thrusts to fly with a fire engine, 3): development of nozzle units with a larger movable range (1.5 times larger than the conventional nozzle) in addition to waterproofing technique to improve system reliability, and 4): redesign of a passive damping mechanism to ensure better stability.

Source: Front. Robot. AI, 22 December 2023. Sec. Computational Intelligence in Robotics, Volume 10 – 2023 | https://doi.org/10.3389/frobt.2023.1273676

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