Russian Bread Factory Hit With Sanctions for Building Military Drones

I can’t believe I read an entire article about a Russian bread factory now 3D printing military drones, and Stalin’s foreign minister Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Molotov was never mentioned.

Yuri Chicherin, the bakery’s director, told the channel that making the US sanctions list was a major achievement: “We are proud, we are glad. When else would anyone talk about our factory at such an international level?”

When else? Howabout when their bread is baked? Maybe nobody was talking about the bread because… they aren’t very good at it. Do these drones even fly?

Next they’ll blow themselves up and destroy the factory to grow prouder, because that will make even more people talk about them.

Speaking of crummy jobs, do the bakers knead much dough to make the drones instead? Like how many rubles? The article suggests a very low budget operation with no quality control, a sign of desperation by the Russian government.

Russian “Bread Basket” bombs of WWII were named for Molotov, who had allegedly claimed Soviet planes were only delivering bread to Finland.

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