Tesla German Factory Shuts Down Due to Demand Collapse (While Blaming Supply Logistics Failures)

The Associated Press seems to have just published whatever Tesla told them to say without any analysis.

The electric vehicle maker said in a statement Thursday night that its factory near Berlin, which makes Model Y vehicles and batteries, will pause from Jan. 29 to Feb. 11. …Tesla said. “The significantly longer transport times create a gap in the supply chains.”

Let’s start by asking why no other car factories are announcing such an extended shutdown. Volvo has said they are waiting two extra days for gearbox delivery. The specifics of that news make it believable.

Tesla seems either so empty-headed and over-exposed in their logistics that they shouldn’t be allowed to run a factory, or they are colossal liars. It could be both. Consider the news that demand for Tesla has totally cratered as nobody in Germany wants to buy old and unsafe designs manufactured with notoriously low quality.

Just as Tesla loses the EV crown, Elon Musk’s biggest market in Europe pulls the rug out from under him… Sales of Tesla cars in Germany, home to its only European manufacturing plant, plunged a breathtaking 77% in December year on year…

The German politicians who fell over themselves to allow Tesla to build a factory are now beset explaining all the safety and logistical failures since it opened in 2022 under false promises to generate 500,000 vehicles a year. Production has been slowing, although to be fair concerned Germans might just be better than most at counting real cars.

Tesla’s actual internal production targets are significantly lower. Internal documents from July and August show the production target of 870 vehicles per day and 4350 vehicles per week. So the target is 650 fewer cars per week than was originally announced by the US automaker in March.

There’s been much suspicion that lack of integrity in American accounting systems, not to mention lack of information security within Tesla, has allowed wildly inflated “production” numbers to game the stock market for years. In fact, Tesla in June of 2023 started to carelessly claim that the Berlin factory was going to roll out 1,000,000 cars per year. Presumably such a bald-faced lie was meant to target politicians who are easily fooled or corrupted, by simply throwing out numbers larger than the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, which delivers around 800,000 vehicles a year

Instead of producing cars promised, so far the egregious liars at Tesla mostly have produced injuries and environmental spills.

15,000 litres of paint, 150 litres of diesel and 13 tons of aluminium have been spilled at the Tesla Berlin factory.

What a mess. I expect someone will tell me next that workers are expected to take a diesel-powered train to reach the factory and many of them are illegal immigrants from Eastern Europe exploiting visa loopholes, even as the CEO of Tesla hypocritically rants about clean energy and closing borders.

Related: 2019 Police in Nevada discuss with workplace safety regulators how Tesla causes problems, as a signed warrant is blocked from being executed.

Tesla Factory Bodycam Footage: Case No. 19-491 May 21, 2019 9:47 AM

“Typically anywhere else, if you deny entry on a warrant you go to jail. That’s contempt of court, signed by a district judge. Period.

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