ChatGPT Generating Fake History and Leaking Passwords

Details on the ongoing ChatGPT security disaster have been posted by Dan Goodin, one of my favorite and most trusted tech reporters.

“I went to make a query (in this case, help coming up with clever names for colors in a palette) and when I returned to access moments later, I noticed the additional conversations,” Whiteside wrote in an email. “They weren’t there when I used ChatGPT just last night (I’m a pretty heavy user). No queries were made—they just appeared in my history, and most certainly aren’t from me (and I don’t think they’re from the same user either).”

As I presented at last year’s RSA conference in SF, using ChatGPT brings with it a critical integrity vulnerability. If your “history” is artificially generated by the software company, how would you prove it wasn’t/isn’t yours?

In related news, Italy says ChatGPT violates privacy regulations.

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