Tesla Bad Parking in Edinburgh Forces Road and Bus Route Closure

Despite the extensive promotional efforts by a certain car company regarding its “sensor” and “vision” technology aimed at enhancing transit, Tesla consistently demonstrates its failure to live up to these claims, emerging as a notable outlier on roads worldwide.

News from Edinburgh: Tesla blocking a bus. Tesla blocking a road. Tesla forcing unnecessary waste and expense.

Notice the huge distance to the curb on the right. Source: Edinburgh Live

Edinburgh locals have branded a Tesla driver ‘inconsiderate’ after the motorist’s parking reportedly resulted in a road closure on Sunday morning.

Bavelaw Road was forced to close at around 11.30am due to the route being blocked by parked vehicles. One Tesla driver in particular caused a frenzy after their parking blocked a service 44 bus from passing through.

The Tesla brand is characterized by its assertiveness, self-centeredness, and negative influence, primarily attracting consumers who envision themselves achieving rapid social advancement through acquiring some flashy product that often catches on fire. This analogy likens the experience to an individual smoking premium cigarettes on a bus, disregarding others’ comfort and obstructing the doorway.

Bus passengers asked rather than told not to smoke – archive, 1964

1964 seems like forever ago. And yet we’re still at the early point of asking people not to drive a Tesla like a jerk, instead of telling them not to drive one at all.

Remember how controversial it has been in the past to challenge selfish harmful behavior?

‘If I can’t smoke on the bus, I’ll walk’ – how smoking was banned on Dublin Bus 30 years ago.

Then walk. Get some fresh air and some exercise. Stop blowing cancer onto other people. Everybody wins.

Instead of merely encountering a single individual causing a minor disturbance by smoking on a bus, Tesla’s encouragement of disengagement from reality enables the most disruptive individuals to wield far more significant influence, potentially leading to severe consequences such as road blockages and a concerning escalation in accidents and fatalities, as documented on Tesladeaths.com.

The more Tesla the more tragic death. Without fraud there would be no Tesla. Source: Tesladeaths.com

Get the Tesla away from the buses. Get the Tesla away from the roads. Aggressive transit fraud tactics, especially wielded with such predictably anti-social consequences, deserve a ban. Without fraud there would be no Tesla.

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