Nearly 80% of X Twitter Traffic Now is Fake: Explosion of Bots

Some absolutely scathing quotes from researchers exposing the total fraud now running X Twitter.

“I’ve never seen anything even remotely close to 50 percent, not to mention 76 percent,” CHEQ founder and CEO Guy Tytunovich told Mashable regarding X’s fake traffic data. “I’m amazed…I’ve never, ever, ever, ever seen anything even remotely close.”


During the comparable weekend in February 2023, fake traffic from the platform then-known as Twitter only accounted for 2.81 percent out of 159,000 visits. That’s around 72 percent less than this year…

…based on this traffic data, advertisers could potentially be paying Musk and company for visits from an audience consisting mostly of bots.

X Twitter went from 3% bots (hovering around a general industry average for bad traffic) to nearly 80% bots in just one year.

Paying for visits from X Twitter is now as bad or worse as paying for a Tesla.


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