New 670HP 3.3sec 0-60 Dodge EV Charger Scat Pack Hides an Exhaust Sound Machine

It’s a fascinating machine, a real thing of beauty. The Charger, especially the Scat Pack variant, is full of thoughtful and detailed engineering that makes it a whole new class of EV.

…power can be unleashed via a button on the steering wheel, providing a 15-second boost. […] Dodge offers its already famous Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust sound generator to match the roar of a Charger Hellcat.

A pipe organ in a muscle car. That’s the most dark mod thing I’ve read in years. Only thing better would be if it literally had giant bone-shaking fire-breathing pipes sticking out of the sides.

Dodge really deserves credit for hitting it out of the ballpark with its old skool take on EV innovations.

When I hear a Hellcat’s tuned engine, honestly, the first thing that comes to my mind is a Totoro “Catbus” (ネコバス or Nekobasu).


Also I recall over a decade ago discussing with Pete Melvin “cigarette boats” in Florida as they drifted along the inter-coastal waterway, giant petroleum guzzling engines idling with gurgles as they tried to passively generate attention for being excessive and obnoxious. He said “I should build a shell around a tiny electric trawling motor and add some huge sound pipes”. And that’s why Pete’s a genius.

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