CA Tesla in “Veered” Crash: Launches From Overpass, Bursts Into Flames Below

A design defect (Autopilot) is suspected after a Tesla abruptly veered off an overpass at high speed — hitting metal safety gates so hard they were wrapped around the car — and then became engulfed in flames on impact.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News

A Tesla crashed through the metal fencing on the Riverside Drive overpass and onto the center divider of the 134 Freeway below in the Griffith Park area late Sunday, March 3, 2024, bursting into flames and burning for an extended period of time. Two men were injured. … A section of the overpass fencing remains stuck to the front of the vehicle’s shell.

Photos from the scene make it fairly obvious that the southbound Tesla totally ignored an important curve to the right on Riverside Drive, and instead drove at full speed straight ahead across the northbound lane over a curb through a metal gate and off the overpass onto the lanes below.

Google Maps Street View:

Source: Los Angeles Daily News

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