Two Already Dead as India Busts YouTube Channel Trafficking Humans Into Russian Army

Promises of low risk high pay jobs for Indians led them to join the Russian army. It turned out to be a human trafficking operation instead, where their lives are thrown away.

After two Indians died after being tricked into the Ukraine-Russia war, the role of an Indian man, who lured several people with the promise of lucrative jobs in the Russian army, has come to light. The man is identified as Faisal Abdul Mutallib Khan, who runs a recruitment agency and a popular YouTube channel called Baba Vlogs

The victims paid money for jobs, thinking they were gaining social entry, yet were sent straight into harms way on the front line. It’s a story of callous fraud, reminiscent of the Tesla experience for many Indians.

Russian strategy has been to exhaust Ukraine’s military resources by using fraud to redirect tens of thousands of unprepared and ill-equipped immigrants into suicide missions.

“When he spoke to us in December, he said that his passport had been taken away and he had been forcibly deployed to the front lines in Ukraine. Since then, for over two months we did not receive any call or news from him,” Mohammed Imran, Afsan’s brother, told reporters in Hyderabad this week. […] Sajad Ahmad Kumar, Aazad Kumar’s elder brother, told VOA that Aazad was hospitalized for three weeks after being hit by a bullet during training. “After he recovered from the injury he was sent to the battlefield. When I spoke to him on January 14, he said that he would be sent to the front line within a day or two. That day he was crying badly over the phone.

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