McDonalds posts fat facts

Why would McDonalds bother?

The Chief Exec is quoted by the BBC: “We’ve given them what they asked for and then people take responsibility about whether they add it up or not add it up.”

Did consumers demand this information prior to “Fast Food Nation” and “Supersize Me”, or more importantly prior to the lawsuit that claimed fast food companies are liable for customers with eating disorders? Does the corporation perceive more risk now (from not providing the information) compared to when they first adopted the current recipes/ingredients?

One thought on “McDonalds posts fat facts”

  1. I, for one, love reading nutritional information. You see two “100% orange juice” bottles. Both tasty. Both good? In reading the nutritional label you can guess which one is diluted with more water.

    More seriously, frequently companies prefer consumers to be less informed and make decisions solely on emotional issues. “Trust us – the manufacturer – to have your best interests at heart.”

    As a consumer – I don’t have the resources to run off to the spectrum analyzer for each food item I purchase. So I like being able to make an informed decision as to what I eat – at least more informed than deciding between a clown with red hair vs one with a crown. At least then I know that what I’m eating isn’t filled with as many non-digestible plastic bits for thickener.

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