NZ Man Texted “Autopilot Saves Lives” Then Killed His Friend With a Tesla

Truly horrible humans are attracted to the Tesla fraud.

[New Zealand Detective Constable] Sandhu also analysed some of Sharma’s texts he’d made in the months leading up to the crash.

In a text exchange about the vehicle’s auto-drive feature, Sharma says “auto-drive saves life” adding in laughing emojis.

Texting another friend who asks how the Tesla is going, Sharma replies, “I have been such a rough driver ever since I have got my hands on the Tesla”.

He texts again saying, “It’s one dangerous car and a family type at the same time”.

Kaur texted him at 1.52am on November 18, 2021 asking if he got home, and he replies, “hahaha nearly f***** up”, before replying again, “was speeding for a bit, bro. That Fast and Furious shit”.

The alleged killer literally admitted his Tesla had made him into a worse driver, a deadly menace not only to himself but anyone around.

And then his dear friend was dead in his upside down Tesla that flew 30m in the air before crashing into a pole. So… he immediately after the crash started to research how to erase evidence.

He discovered Sharma first used the phone to search “how to delete Tesla recordings”.


Thirty-four seconds after searching for data about Tesla Sharma called 111, but it wasn’t answered.

He then called his friend Divesh Goundar before calling his policeman brother-in-law…

This is the same guy that tried to claim he crashed because he saw a raccoon in New Zealand, when there are no raccoons in New Zealand.

Perhaps a simple empathy test should be required before anyone can turn on the power to these loitering munitions called cars? Don’t know how to safely point the barrel of a loaded rocket launcher? No launch for you.

Tesla owners in accidents seem to often believe the money they poured into the cult of Elon Musk was supposed to mean they paid to be above the law.

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