Does Sudan Genocide Run on SpaceX Starlink?

When it’s not helping Russia to invade Ukraine, apparently SpaceX has deployed Starlink terminals to serve as the unregulated communications backbone for massive human rights violations.

…take Sudan, where a year-long civil war has led to accusations of genocide, crimes against humanity and millions of people fleeing their homes. With the regular internet down for months, soldiers of the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces are among those using the system for their logistics, according to Western diplomats.

“It is deeply concerning because it’s unregulated and headed by a private company,” Emma Shortis, a senior researcher in international and security affairs at the Australia Institute, an independent think tank in Canberra, said of the Starlink system. “There’s no accountability on who has access to it and how it’s being used.”

Elon Musk, when pushed to comment about his company SpaceX allegedly giving Russia passive war support, decided to appear on their state media channels to spread disinformation and demand that Ukraine surrender.

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