NC 2024 Tesla Kills One in Wrong-Way Head-on Crash

There has been an alarming increase in Tesla driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic. Just in past few days two brand new 2024 Tesla have killed people early in the morning.

The Asheville Police Department said a driver is dead after going the wrong way on the interstate and crashing early Sunday morning at 2:33 a.m..

Tesla was heading east in the wrong direction on I-40 west and collided into a Freightliner truck that was traveling westbound.

The driver of the Tesla, identified as 26-year-old Andrew Dean Justiniano, passed away on scene from his injuries, according to police.

This crash, near mile marker 54 on Interstate 40, is especially concerning. The I-40 is divided by a huge median and guard rails on both sides for very long stretches.

Source: Google Maps

Furthermore, the on-ramps are huge “clovers” to keep traffic isolated. So how and where exactly did this killer robot fresh off the factory line decide to enter the wrong-way?

The precise mile marker proves Tesla operated its robot at full speed head on into oncoming traffic for many, many miles of a fully divided Interstate without registering it was on the wrong side.

The Tesla brand now represents mindless kamikaze threats to society, basically loose missiles being launched at American citizens and critical infrastructure!

The Interstate had to be shut down for five hours. FIVE HOURS.

How many roads around the world right now are under threat from a Tesla road robot headed the wrong way at high speed, let alone in the dark?!

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Also related: Dan O’Dowd posted to Twitter on 5 April 2024 the disasterous safety test results with Tesla FSD v12.3.

ElonMusk calls Tesla Full Self-Driving v12 “mind-blowing.” But see for yourself how 12.3 fails 4 times on our first drive. Don’t be fooled by the Cult, FSD will still try to kill you.

The Cult’s praying for FSD licensing deals but not even Yugo would use this pile of trash.

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