Three CA Tesla Crash Into Each Other

TMZ has posted a report showing three Tesla that crashed into each other.

Check out these pics taken from a crash scene in Bev Hills Wednesday — where a 3-way Tesla pile-up occurred at the intersection of Rexford Drive and Beverly Drive, and it looks like there were a few different models in the mix, not to mention varying degrees of damage.


Beverly Hills PD tells TMZ … a detective sergeant came out to facilitate the exchange of info, but didn’t take a police report…

Nothing to see here. Just some Nazi road robots getting into a fight with themselves, as usual.

Source: TMZ

The owner of one Tesla said his assistant was driving, and I’m sure the assistant will soon say they do not want to be blamed for driving either.

Who buys a Tesla? The audaciously dangerous fool who wants to avoid blame for crashing their Tesla.

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